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March 11, 2023

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Animal print nail designs have been trending in the beauty world for some time now, and they’re showing no signs of stopping. Whether you prefer a cheetah motif or something more subtle, there’s an animal-inspired design that is perfect for you.

No matter your style, there are plenty of ways to rock this trend. From neon leopard spots to classic zebra stripes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an animal-inspired manicure.

Incorporating animal prints into your nails isn’t just stylish – it’s also incredibly versatile. From subtle accents on a single nail to full-on French manicures and ombre designs, there are so many creative ways to incorporate animal prints into your look. Whether you choose vibrant colors or keep it classic with black and white, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design for any occasion!

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which look is right for you. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite animal print nail design inspiration from around the web! From bold and bright designs to subtle and sophisticated looks, these ideas will help you find the perfect way to express your wild side through nail art.

Cheetah Print Nails

Animal print nails are a fun and unique way to show off your personal style! Cheetah print is definitely one of the trendiest animal prints out there and it can add a wild flair to any manicure. Whether you’re looking for subtle accent nails or want to go all-out with full decorated claws, cheetah print nail designs can help you make a statement. From classic cheetah spots to bold abstract designs, these looks will give you the perfect starting point for your next nail design adventure. Put your own spin on them, or keep things simple – it’s totally up to you!

Leopard Print Nails

Leopard print nails are one of the most popular animal print nail designs. From subtle accent nails to bold, allover leopard prints, they can be both daring and chic. Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to wear the trend or want to completely embrace it, there are endless ways to wear leopard print on your fingertips. Plus, with so many tutorials available online, you can easily create a customized look that fits your personality.

The key is finding the perfect shade of leopard print that complements your skin tone and makeup. For those who prefer something more subdued, opt for light browns or warm tans with delicate black spots. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, go for brighter colors like hot pink or neon green paired with stark black accents.

Aesthetic Cow Print Nails

Aesthetic Cow Print Nails are the perfect way to add a whimsical touch to your next nail design. From subtle accents to full cow print coverage, this animal print style is both eye-catching and easy to recreate. Let these inspiring designs be your guide as you explore the possibilities of fun, fashion-forward manicures with a little bovine flair.

See our inspiration for Strawberry Cow Nails.

Zebra Print Nails

Adding a bit of animalistic flair to your nails can take any outfit from plain to wild! Zebra prints are one of the most popular and timeless animal print designs. Show your wild side with zebra print nail art- you’ll be sure to stand out in any crowd. From light and subtle hues, to bold and vibrant colors – there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a few simple stripes or intricate patterns – these ideas will help get your creative juices flowing and inspire your next manicure!

Tiger Print Nails

Tiger print nails are the perfect way to bring a fierce and wild look to your manicure. This animal-inspired nail art trend is easy to recreate and provides an eye-catching result. With bright yellow, black, and white stripes, these designs can be created quickly and easily with either nail polish or press on nails. Whether you’re looking for a subtle hint of tiger style or something bolder, this look will certainly turn heads!

For a classic take on the trend, try using bold black stripes against muted yellow base color. You could also add some white accents for contrast and depth. If you’re feeling more daring, why not try pairing different shades of yellow with oranges for an even more vibrant look?

Giraffe Print Nails

If you’re looking for some unique nail design inspiration, then why not try out giraffe print nails? Giraffe print is a classic pattern that has been popular for many years. It gives off a stylish and chic vibe that will add a touch of wildness to your look. With its neutral yellow, brown and white colour scheme, giraffe print nails are perfect for any season. Whether you want a subtle statement or something more bold and daring, this animal-inspired design is sure to be eye-catching!

Snake Print Nails

It’s no secret that animal prints are one of the hottest trends in fashion. But why settle for just leopard and zebra when there are so many other types of animals to consider? Snake print nails are a unique and stylish way to add some wild flair to your look. Whether you’re going for something subtle or something bold, snake print is sure to turn heads.

This fun design idea is perfect for those who want an edgy yet chic look. Snake print nails can be done in a variety of ways, from full-on glitter art with detailed reptile scales, to more subtle effects like ombre fades and line work that gives off a slithering vibe. You can even combine snake print with other animal prints, like cheetah or tiger stripes, if you’re looking for an extra eye-catching style.

The creative possibilities with animal print nail design are truly endless. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of nail art or an experienced pro, this trend is sure to provide plenty of inspiration. With just a few simple steps, anyone can create stunning and unique designs using animal prints.

Whether you opt for subtle or bold, animal print nails provide the perfect way to show off your inner wild side. From zebra stripes to tiger spots and leopard rosettes, there’s no limit to the looks you can achieve. In fact, some designs even combine multiple prints at once for a truly eye-catching effect! So don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity and have fun experimenting with different patterns and colors.

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