Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

By She Who Does Nails

July 30, 2023

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Candy Cane Nail Art is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! With festive colors, minimal time and effort, you can have a stunning set of Christmas nails. This tutorial will provide step by step instructions on how to achieve this unique nail art design.

Whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties, Candy Cane Nail Art is sure to turn heads. The perfect combination of red and white stripes, sprinkled with a hint of glitter will instantly add some sparkle to your look. Using simple tools such as toothpicks and dotting pens, you’ll be able to recreate this fun and stylish manicure in no time!

So grab your favorite nail polishes and let’s get started! Following these easy steps will ensure that your Candy Cane Nail Art looks flawless every single time!



You will need red and white nail polishes, a dotting tool or toothpick, and finishing top coat or clear polish. Additionally, it is helpful to have Scotch tape on hand if you want straight lines for your stripes. Other optional items include glitter polishes for added sparkle, a small brush for cleaning up mistakes, and cotton swabs or q-tips for precise touch ups.


Preparing the Nails

Preparing the nails for candy cane nail art is an essential step in achieving a beautiful and professional look. To ensure your nails look their best, take a few minutes to properly prep them before starting any kind of nail art project. Start by removing any old polish from your nails with a non-acetone remover and make sure to clean off all traces of polish from your cuticles and skin surrounding the nail bed. Then, use a fine-grit file to shape the nail into the desired shape; whether that be round, square or even oval. Once you have achieved the desired shape, buff each nail lightly using a buffer block in order to smoothen out the surface so that it’s easy to apply new polish without any bumps or ridges showing through. Finally, moisturize with cuticle oil to nourish the skin around your nails and make them look shiny and healthy!


Candy Cane Nail Tutorial

Step 1

Paint your nail with your favourite color. For this tutorial, it is best not to choose white.

Step 2

Use a small paintbrush and white polish to create the iconic shape of the candy cane. Start at the tip of your nail and curve around into a straight line going off of your nail. Remember to keep the lines thin for an even design that looks professional.

Step 3

Finally, use a tiny paintbrush and a bright red polish to paint little diagonal stripes on your white candy cane as shown here in this tutorial – it’s really that simple!



Easy Candy Cane Inspired Nails

Step 1

Start by painting all of your nails with a white base. This will create the ideal canvas for creating the stripes later on in this tutorial. Make sure to apply two coats of polish for an even finish, as well as waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next one. Once you have finished applying the white polish, it’s time to move on to Step 2 of this easy Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial!


Step 2

Use a striping brush or a small paintbrush dipped in red polish to paint on stripes. Try to make them different thicknesses and different distances for added texture. If you don’t have access to a striping brush, use any thin object like the back of a bobby pin or toothpick! Once all of your candy cane stripes are painted onto each nail, seal it with top coat for durability. Don’t forget that you can keep these nails simple or add festive details like snowflakes, bows, or stars using white polish and some patience! With this tutorial as your guide, creating gorgeous candy cane nails is easier than ever before!


In conclusion, by using only a few materials and your own creativity, you can create amazing candy cane nail art designs right at home. With patience and practice, you may even find yourself able to master this skill in no time! Though it may take some trial and error on your part, with the help of this tutorial, anyone can create beautiful holiday-inspired nails that are sure to be admired by friends and family alike.


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