Easy Gingerbread Nail Art

Easy Gingerbread Nail Art Tutorial

By She Who Does Nails

December 17, 2022

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Gingerbread man nail art is a creative and festive way to show off your holiday spirit. Decorating your nails with a gingerbread man design adds some sweetness to your look. Whether it’s for an upcoming Christmas party or just a special treat for yourself, this easy DIY project will leave you feeling creative and looking fabulous.

The steps to creating gingerbread man nail art are simple – so all you need is some basic nail painting supplies, such as nail polish, top coat, base coat, and patience! With a few simple strokes of the brush, you can create adorable little gingerbread men for each finger.


How to Paint Gingerbread Man Nail Art

The first step in creating this sweet treat themed nail art is preparing the nails for painting.

Begin by cleaning your hands and nails with soap and water to remove any dirt or oils. Trim or file the edges of each nail so they have a uniform shape, then use a buffing block or emery board to smooth out the surface of each nail. Finally, wipe away any remaining dust particles using an alcohol-soaked cotton ball or pad to ensure that the polish adheres properly to the surface of each nail. With your nails ready, it’s time to start painting!

Instead of a step-by-step process, we’ve created a mix and match mani that uses different components of the gingerbread design. You can use any colors you want for this fun look, so have some fun with it! All you need is a base coat of polish, white acrylic paint or nail pens, some brown nail polish, black acrylic paint or nail pens, and red polish. Using these items as your palette will help you create the perfect gingerbread man design. Get ready to add some festive flair to your nails with this easy design! You’ll be sure to turn heads when you show off your new holiday-inspired look.


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Gingerbread Body

First, paint your nails with the medium brown polish and let them dry. Then, use a small paintbrush and begin painting on the details of your gingerbread man design with a light colored nail polish. For his body we chose to paint a little bow tie and a few buttons.



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Gingerbread Face

To draw the face of your gingerbread man, pick out more light coloured polishes for his eyes, eyebrows and smiling mouth.



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Broken Leg

For a bit of fun we’ve given this gingerbread man a stitched up broken leg! Use a dark brown polish and paint a thin wiggly line across your nail. When that has dried, paint white strips across the crack to stitch it up!



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Dripping Icing

Use a small paintbrush and a white polish to paint on the icing as if it is running down the gingerbread!



For an eye-catching look with minimal effort, completing a Gingerbread Man nail art is easy to do. All you need are basic supplies such as nail polish in various colors and dotting tools or toothpicks. With these easy steps, anyone can create this fun Christmas-themed manicure that will make you stand out from the crowd. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your nails this holiday season – give gingerbread man nail art a try!

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