I Want… Strawberry Cow Nails

By I Want Those Nails!

March 16, 2023

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Strawberry Cow Nails have been trending on social media lately, and it’s easy to see why. These nails are inspired by the adorable combination of strawberries and cows, resulting in a fun and playful design that’s perfect for summer. From pastel colors to bold shades of pink, there are endless possibilities for customizing your own strawberry cow-inspired nails.

Strawberry cow nails can be customized to fit any nail shape, from almond to square or oval. To add more fun to your nails, you can accessorize them with cute designs such as hearts, cows, milk cartons and strawberries. You can also use glitter or rhinestones to give them an extra pop of sparkle. If you’re feeling adventurous, try experimenting with different shades of pink and red to create unique variations of this look.

Overall, strawberry cow nails are an adorable way to show off your creativity and fashion-forward sense of style. Whether you’re going out for brunch or hanging out at home, these trendy nails will surely make heads turn!


DIY Cow Print Nails Tutorial

Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional nail technician to achieve this playful design – all you need is a few basic tools and some creativity. In this DIY cow print nails video tutorial by Nail The Basics,  you’ll learn how to create this trendy design step-by-step.


27 Strawberry Cow Nails Ideas

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In conclusion, trying out the Strawberry Cow Nails trend can be a fun and playful way to express yourself through your manicure. These nails feature a unique combination of pastel pink and white hues, complete with black cow print accents that give off an ultra-cute yet quirky vibe. Whether you are attending a summer party or simply want to add some flair to your daily look, these nails can make any outfit pop.

If you are someone who loves experimenting with different nail designs, then Strawberry Cow Nails should definitely be on your list. Not only do they look great on all nail shapes and lengths, but they also allow for endless customization options. You can incorporate glitter or rhinestones for a glam touch or even switch up the color scheme by adding in some blue or purple tones.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable way to switch up your beauty routine without breaking the bank, giving Strawberry Cow Nails a try might just be what you need. So why not book an appointment at your local salon today and let this adorable trend take over your nails?

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