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Wednesday Addams Nails

By I Want Those Nails!

February 23, 2023

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The Addams family has been delighting fans since the original television series first aired in 1964, and now with the release of Tim Burton‘s Wednesday TV show on Netflix, viewers are more excited than ever. The show follows Wednesday Addams as she navigates her way through a strange new world of day-school and teenage angst. With all of the buzz around the new show, Addams Family fans are celebrating by getting creative with nail designs that capture their love for the beloved TV icon.

Addams Family Nail Designs have become a major trend in the world of nail art. From full sets to accent nails featuring Gomez and Morticia, Uncle Fester or Lurch – there’s no shortage of inspiration from which to draw when creating a unique look inspired by the classic characters.

But one particular member of the Addams family is getting the most attention – Wednesday Addams. From classic Wednesday Addams inspired designs to more unique and creative looks, these 40 Wednesday Addams nail designs will inspire you to express your style through nail art. From classic black-and-white manicures featuring her iconic braids, to pastel colors with gothic accents, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something spooky or just want a way to show off your love of this beloved character, get ready for some serious inspiration! With so many options available, you can be sure that your manicure will be as unique as Wednesday herself. So grab your black polish and start scrolling – it’s time to take your nails back in time!

Wednesday Addams French Tip NailsInstagram: nailart_by_aiko Wednesday Addams themed NailsInstagram: sogelous Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: nail__art19

Wednesday Addams Inspired NailsInstagram: victoriac07 Cute Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: lissables Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: nail.magick
Wednesday Addams Press on NailsInstagram: rubymoonpressons Wednesday Addams Acrylic NailsInstagram: nailedwithlove Wednesday Addams Christmas NailsInstagram: restingnailface
Simple Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: koaliaelnails Simple Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: allygnailartistry Simple Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: mericlenails
Nude Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: rebel.heart.nails Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: screamingmimi23 Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: nailzferatu
Stylish Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: nailsbyadilah Simple Wednesday AddamsInstagram: kristinaannatherapies Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: nailsbymayup
Addams Family inspired NailsInstagram: nocturno.awyrwas Addams Family inspired NailsInstagram: grwgoth Addams Family Press on NailsInstagram: patola.nails
Addams Family inspired NailsInstagram: chaos.nails Addams Family Acrylic NailsInstagram: nailsbysophieerosiee Pink Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: kellyohstein
Short Wednesday Addams NailsInstagram: kerry_butterflybeauty Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: katehdk Coffin Addams Family inspired NailsInstagram: xiomar.nails
Addams Family Press on nailsInstagram: nailsby__reina Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: jasminemary.nails.0912 Addams Family inspired NailsInstagram: hajnalnailartist
Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: gelswithtay Matte Addams Family NailsInstagram: wonderlandnails__ Coffin Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: nailsbykierabaker
Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: nailsbyjanettea Wednesday Addams Acrylic NailsInstagram: ceirrasnails Wednesday Addams Acrylic NailsInstagram: krystellsnailz
Gray and black Wednesday Addams inspired NailsInstagram: another_gh0st Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: rockyournails short Addams Family NailsInstagram: taylasdream
Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: frenchiefabulous short Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: polishmepretty_byalexa Addams Family Inspired NailsInstagram: nailsbylouisadominique

From Gomez and Morticia’s iconic Gothic style to Wednesday’s eerily beautiful ensembles, there are plenty of ways to pay homage to this beloved family. Whether you want to go all out with themed nails or just add some subtle touches here and there, these nail designs let you show your love for the Addams Family in a fun and fashionable way.

From sparkly ombré manicures that capture Wednesday’s dark charm to Fester-inspired accent nails featuring skulls and lightning bolts, these nail art ideas offer lots of options for expressing your inner goth.

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