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Nezuko Nails

By I Want Those Nails!

February 22, 2023

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When it comes to anime fandom, nothing is more popular than Demon Slayer at the moment. The show has gained immense popularity in its short lifespan and fans can’t get enough of the characters and their unique stories. One of the most beloved characters from this series is Nezuko Kamado – a young demon girl with incredible strength and determination. Fans have been inspired by her character, taking their admiration one step further by creating cool Nezuko Anime-inspired nail designs!

Nezuko Kamado has inspired a new trend in nail art! As fans of the show seek to pay homage to their beloved character, they’re turning to their nails as an outlet for creativity. From bright designs featuring Nezuko’s signature hairpin and Kimono to subtle manicures featuring her silhouette and color palette, this trendy design will surely give any fan’s nails a unique touch.

Salmon pink ombre nails with a hint of sparkle makes the perfect homage to Nezuko. The subtle pink shade is reminiscent of her hair color and is easy to customize to your own personal style. For an extra special touch, add a hint of sparkle to each nail for a shimmery finish that will have all your friends asking where you got your nail art done!

What makes these Nezuko nail designs so special is that each artist can incorporate their own personal style into them. Whether you prefer abstract patterns, intricate details or something more simple, there are endless possibilities when it comes to expressing your love for Nezuko through nail art.

From intricate details to bold colors, these Nezuko Anime inspired nails are sure to make any fan proud.


70 Nezuko Nail Designs

Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: golden.blosssom

Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: moonlight_nails_by_cissa Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: montsesalon

Nezuko Matte NailsInstagram: sekii.xii Nezuko Acrylic NailsInstagram: merakimanis Nezuko Ombre Nails with EyeInstagram: pipirisnails_studio
Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: nailsbymary517 Nezuko Glitter NailsInstagram: jeffelovesnails Nezuko Kamado NailsInstagram: nailsbyrevelesss
Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: angiesnails_nc nezuko nails animeInstagram: setsbysamy Nezuko Acrylic NailsInstagram: tiasoasis
Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: mr.restingnailface Nezuko Kamado NailsInstagram: sailor_irlin Nezuko Ombre Almond NailsInstagram: sugar.nailsstudio_

Nezuko Ombre Almond NailsInstagram: actmf_nails Nezuko Ombre Almond NailsInstagram: only_hands_nails Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: omgnailsbytee
Nezuko Ombre NailsInstagram: t.d.nail Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: quinnnailsph Nezuko Glitter NailsInstagram: shinobinails
nezuko nails animeInstagram: lily_naileedit Nezuko Acrylic NailsInstagram: soulbeautyyspa Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: por_la_karina
Nezuko Kamado NailsInstagram: sweet__succubus
Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: nails_by.shoko Nezuko Almond NailsInstagram: montserratnailss
Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: n.aildaze Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: fleurinails Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: sweetheartsagenails
Nezuko Press on NailsInstagram: froninail nezuko nails animeInstagram: _yeah_nails._bitchy Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: blink.nails.vilnius
Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: nails.by.elis
Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: sweet_vintage_nail Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: halodeluna.nails
Nezuko coffin NailsInstagram: artz.manicure Green Nezuko NailsInstagram: sallywitch_nails Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: kristina_mendez_scissorhands

Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: nailsbyhannah.o
Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: alyastra_nailart nezuko nails animeInstagram: mimi_makeup_nails
Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: layla_does_nails Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: z0_0ey Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: myubeauty
Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: mimi_makeup_nails Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: s_fairy_nails Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: dunailsacrylicgel
Nezuko Acrylic NailsInstagram: _jojos_nails_ Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: amel.nails Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: magical_gerisharma_ravenclaw
Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: garritas.magicas nezuko nails animeInstagram: kellykoutur Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: manicnailsss

Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: nailsby4tziri Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: vertical_mango Nezuko Ombre Stiletto NailsInstagram: _yk.studio
Nezuko Ombre Nails with DesignInstagram: camixx.nails Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: _seiranails_ nezuko nails animeInstagram: mei_nailstudio
Nezuko Kamado NailsInstagram: kirei_nailsart Nezuko coffin NailsInstagram: nails_by_haiyen
Demon Slayer Nezuko NailsInstagram: magicqueennailart

Nezuko Inspired NailsInstagram: solobyroma Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: blackrabbit.nail Nezuko Ombre Almond NailsInstagram: thelastnailsinyourcoffin
Nezuko Acrylic NailsInstagram: stefnailss Nezuko coffin NailsInstagram: lulunails_ksp Nezuko Nails ShortInstagram: nmnailstudiopr

Nezuko anime inspired nails are the perfect way to show off your love of the popular anime Demon Slayer. With a variety of designs available, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re into intricate designs or simple outlines, these nail designs will be sure to turn heads and start conversations about your favorite show.

Nezuko anime inspired nails can be customized with colors, decals, and charms for a unique look that expresses your personal style. It’s a great way to show off your fandom in an eye-catching way without going too over the top. Plus, with such an easy application process, creating these looks doesn’t take long at all! So why not give it a try? You don’t need any special skills or tools to create these stunning looks – just some imagination and creativity!

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